Hey, Good Chat!


Season 01, Episode 00 (that's OORIGINS)

Why we do it.

When I started in the corporate social responsibility space my experience in working with the nonprofit sector was limited to pro-bono engagements and sitting on a few boards.
As a builder – I wanted to make an educated, useful contribution, so I made a promise to myself to talk to as many people as I could. Every week I set multiple meetings with vendors, intrapreneurs, and long time leaders in the space to really get a grasp on where things are, where they’re headed, and where we collectively dream for them to be.

In retelling much of what I learned, folks often told me – I wish I was part of that conversation! So I decided – with the help of some friends – to start making these good chats for everyone in the form of a podcast, and that’s where we got, hey, good chat!

For season one join me and Jess as we talk to intrapreneurs who are working with their employer to build out their own corporate social responsibility programs, the entrepreneurs crafting platforms to help corporate social impact programs thrive, and people in space who we find interesting and motivate us to do better and be better in everything we pursue.