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Season 01, Episode 03

Amy Sample Ward

You know those conversations where you just feel more empowered walking away? Or like there’s an obligation you need to fulfill and can fulfill? Actionable items you want to take in your own life?

Amy always pushed me out of my comfort zone, and you’ll hear especially when it comes to process v action.

There’s no way to summarize this episode. You’ve just got to listen. And don’t put it off, as we’ll cover the upcoming ntc23 show (I, Peter, will be there) and chances to promote, and win prizes, as nonprofit professionals.


I hope you get as much out of this one as I have.

– Peter

Episode Guests

Amy Sample Ward

AMY SAMPLE WARD believes that technology should be accessible and accountable to everyone, especially communities historically and systemically excluded from the digital world. They are the CEO of NTEN, a nonprofit creating a world where missions and movements are more successful through the skillful and equitable use of technology.

Amy’s latest book, The Tech That Comes Next, co-authored with Afua Bruce, addresses the opportunities for change makers, technologists, philanthropists, and policymakers to build an equitable world with technology. Their second book, Social Change Anytime Everywhere, was a Terry McAdam Book Award finalist.