Hey, Good Chat!


Amy Sample Ward

Season 01, Episode 03 Amy Sample Ward You know those conversations where you just feel more empowered walking away? Or like there’s an obligation you need to fulfill and can fulfill? Actionable items you want to take in your own […]

Giving a (digital) Lift

Season 01, Episode 02 Vendor Agnostic Tech for Good with Rawan Odeh Rawan is a Palestinian-American immigrant who is heavily involved in public interest impact and tech for good. She was inspired to use her entrepreneurial spirit to make change […]

The Origins of Hey, Good Chat

Season 01, Episode 00 (that’s OORIGINS) Why we do it. When I started in the corporate social responsibility space my experience in working with the nonprofit sector was limited to pro-bono engagements and sitting on a few boards. As a […]

Philanthropy’s Philanthropists

Season 01, Episode 01 Jon McCoy & Becky Endicott “Good Humans” Chat In this, our launch episode, we speak to leaders in the nonprofit continuing education space about how their providing an ecosystem for nonprofit professionals to do their jobs […]